Meet the Team

Alanna Dickie


Alanna has many positive assets to begin this company, including her attitude. She has prior knowledge, experience, and established relationships across the prairies. Alanna has great time and organizational skills and is comfortable speaking in a group.

"I worked as the the KEEN Canada Field Service Representative, and have built many great relationships with partners across the prairies. Being from Saskatchewan, apart of an agriculture family and marrying into an oil and gas family I am able to find relatable circumstances to build better value into a product.

I have retail experience as well as retail management experience. With this I have learned how to connect with people and many personality types. I understand how to motivate staff from a personal level, and have learned how to create and foster positive relationships.

My educational background comes from Land Agent/Administrative perspective as well as my prior oilfield experience. My education focused a lot on what the true value of relationships are. I feel my education ties in well with this field as well because we focused a lot on journey management, route planning, safety and awareness."

Brendan Dickie

Executive Assistant

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Head of Security & Customer Relations

Bane has been with Krokus from day one. He greets all clients and makes sure that they feel welcome. He's ready for a cuddle or fetch at anytime!

Nick Wiebe


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